Best Compact Microwave Ovens Review

1. Microwave oven Toshiba EM925A5A-BS
Counter Top Rotatory Microwave Oven
You can be sure that you know one or two things about a manufacturer from a company that was founded in 1939. Stainless steel on the outside is finished in black, giving the product a very elegant feel, not to mention the kitchen.

It has six types of cooking functions for heating your food; So you do not need to count or think anything. One-touch start-up is an excellent menu for a microwave oven, simply by pressing a number. You can start your food warmly without the hassle.

We do not know about you, but sometimes we want the electronics to be silent. For example, you can use the on / off function on your smartphone. Therefore, we are very pleased that this microwave oven also includes quiet functions. Sleep mode also helps to save money, because you know that a microwave oven consumes a lot of electricity.

You can easily heat food or drink on the inside surface of 0.9 cubic feet that you can use for oven use. Using a power of 900 watts, you can efficiently and quickly heat food with 10 adjustable power levels, in particular. In addition, the LED inside the cavity of the microwave can be conveniently used, so you can check the food without opening it every night or day. The rotating table is contained in the glass and rotates for even heating.

2. Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.4 cu. Microwave oven for grill

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the name "Samsung"? Well, it means "Three Stars" or "Three Stars". And the number "3" in Korea is large, strong and powerful. Samsung MG14H3020CM is large and versatile and powerful.

The shimmering mirror from the outside gives the luxury of a stove and a kitchen. There is a setting that can automatically determine whether overheating, cooking or thawing is required. Make it very easy for you.

Since you know that most power consumption can be a problem for electronics, which must always be connected due to its use, invoices can occur at a higher price than expected.

Thus, this 950 W microwave echo mode saves billing by shutting down the display and saving energy when not in use. If you look at the top, the heat load for baking is not straight, so if you want to bake it, the heat spreads, and the food can be sliced ​​and crispy. It's delicious inside.

However, the separation of this microwave oven from most things is not from the outside, but from the inside. This will not help you catch your eye, but you'll notice that the inside of the hole is very different. Most microwave ovens are made of pure steel. This inside is made of ceramic enamel. So, the surface of the cavity is not sticky. Therefore, cleaning is simple. Because of the texture, it also shows a gloss on the surface.

A triple distribution system is an important feature of the microwave oven because of the three microwave points indicated inside. Makes food better cooked or heated. The interior of the 1.4 square feet and 14.2-inch glass turntable give you the luxury that you need to put your favorite dishes without even thinking about getting inside. The microwave oven has a round rack and a ceramic plate inside to enable cooking and cleaning products easily.

3. Microwave oven Panasonic NN-SD372S

This stainless steel microwave oven from Panasonic is well represented by industrial design. This 950 W microwave oven with a light gray color scheme and a tactile tactile button shows that you can hit.

Looking at this, Panasonic took a bold step with inverter technology.

The basic idea is that if you do not use the full power, the food temperature can be differentiated from one region to another because of the current power settings when the food is heated. Regardless of the power level, in which the inverter technology is used, the temperature is constant, and the heat spreads evenly.

It is also energy efficient and keeps the food healthy, without killing food cells during cooking. The internal capacity is 0.8 cubic feet and is 950 watts. Therefore, it is wide and powerful, so you can quickly and effectively heat / evaporate the food. There is also a free cookery book in the microwave oven. Best Compact Microwave Ovens Review